Bhavna+Kunal – Edmonton Engagement Photographer

Apr 25, 2016

I met Bhavna about 5 years ago when I photographed her twin sister’s wedding. Let me tell you people I fell in love with this family. They are so caring, have lots of love and treated me just like I was one of their own.

When Bhavna told me she was engaged to Kunal and was looking for a photographer for their mountain wedding I was super stoked! I would never pass up hanging out with the Chavdha clan!

These two beautiful people met online and Bhavna said it was the best $120 she ever spent!  Just a few months after they started dating Bhavna went on a trip to India for 3 weeks.  It was then that Kunal knew that she was the one.  He didn’t think he would miss her that much.

Kunal decided to pop the question in England when they were there for a wedding with Bhavna’s family.  It was three days of drinking and partying and he planned to propose later when he knew they would have a few days alone together.  Kunal picked Hyde Park in central London as the spot (it can’t get much more fairytale-esque than that).  He wanted to get down on one knee but as Bhavna puts it “he was sweating booze from the night before” and it wasn’t happening.  When she realized what he was trying to do she just said “put the ring on me”.  She is still waiting for him to get down on one knee and ask her as he was supposed to.  But regardless of how it happened, they are happily engaged!

Kunal is into sports and Bhavna is a yoga super star but their evenings together consists of watching movies and drinking wine in bed…that’s my kind of Saturday night 🙂  They love to travel whether it is a weekend get away or a week trip on a beach so they can try new food and wine.

Here is how they describe each other: Kunal says she is confident, bubbly and has a generous heart and Bhavna says he is easy to be with, fun, honest and thinks about everyone before himself.

During our engagement session they were not worried about how they looked or how perfect everything was.  Together they are carefree, simple and live for the moment.  Their goal at the end of the session was to have one nice photo because they don’t have much photos together.  I definitely got more than one so now they have a bunch to start their collection of memories together.

Their mountain wedding is less than a month away.  I can’t wait to catch up with Bhavna’s family and to meet all of Kunal’s.

Bhavna’s makeup was done by Susan Gill, at Sen Studios.

xo Eileen

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