Carol+Craig: Edmonton Engagement Photographer

May 29, 2015

I loved photographing Carol and Craig’s engagement session a few weeks back in the river valley.  These two are seriously smitten.  When they looked at each other they, they saw no one else, when something funny happened they instantly laughed, when Carol was cold he immediately wanted to make her warm.  Their kind of love gives me warm fuzzies inside.  I am very much looking forward to their gorgeous outdoor wedding this Saturday.

Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_01 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_02 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_03 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_04 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_05 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_06 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_07 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_08 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_09 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_10 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_11 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_12 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_13 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_14

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