Carol+Craig – Edmonton Wedding Photographer

Feb 02, 2016

Carol and Craig’s wedding was my first wedding of 2015.  The day started off wet and cold and ended with warm sunshine.  It still surprises me at how much the weather can change so drastically but in this case it was good thing since they had a beautiful outdoor ceremony. Carol had a peaceful morning getting dolled up at Q Hair Designs along side Shannon from Blush Artistry doing her makeup.  The boys had a great morning with beers and colourful socks 🙂

There friends and family joined them at the Country Side Golf Club in Sherwood Park for their windy ceremony.  The backdrop was flying all over the place but that didn’t seem to bother them.  They were there to do one thing and that was to say “I do”.

I had a ton of fun with Carol, Craig and their wedding party in river valley.  I swear these two forgot that I was there snapping away at them, they just wanted to be alone and spend those first few moments as husband and wife in each others arms…which made for some beautiful photographs.

Their reception was held at the Ellerslie Rugby Club in south Edmonton.

Other vendors:

Flowers: Sticks and Stones Flowers
Dress: The Bridal HouseMaggie Sottero
Jewellery: Joanna Bisley Designs


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