Laura+James – Edmonton Engagement Photographer

Feb 03, 2016

I love when couples want their engagement session somewhere they have a connection to.  It means nothing more to look back at photographs that bring up memories and the future.

James grew up in Keremeous, British Columbia where his mom own’s a ranch and this spot was the perfect place for both sentiment and romance combined.  This town was a dream to photograph in!  It had dense orchards, creeks, desert-like landscapes and the surrounding mountains. Laura and James thank you so much for sharing this beautiful town with me and allowing me to spend time with both and your families.

Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0080 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0081 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0082 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0083 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0084 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0085 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0086 Edmonton_Wedding_Photographer_0087

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