I am Eileen Patel, the face behind Retrospekt Photography. I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer from Edmonton, Alberta. Photography is truly my dream job and I am so happy and fortunate that I adore what I do. I love easily and cherish the deep connections that I have with my family and friends. I genuinely want everyone around me to be happy...I will be your cheerleader for life. These are the reasons that weddings resonate with me so much. I learn so much about my couples...what they do for fun, how they make each other laugh and how they connect emotionally. When I learn about how someone met, how they are connected, and what they mean to each other, I get inspired and I want to hear more about their story. It sounds a bit cheesy and cliche but I love watching two people in love. My goal is to create emotional, beautiful and timeless photographs for you.

A few fun facts about me:

I pretty much always have a huge smile on my face
I grew up in a small mountain town in BC
Lover of anything chocolate
Red wine is my jam
World Traveler
I love a good love song
Road trips make me happy

My work has been published in Blush Magazine, Bridal Fantasy Magazine and
Canadian Mountain Chic